For several years, Alexandre Christiaens has been bringing vibrant and poetic images back from the forests and towns of Estonia, not as a record of his travels, but rather of his increasing photographic experiences in the space between views and places.
[…] In Estonia you travel among places, durations, from which your pictures are born. It is a kind of intoxication and vertigo, the origin of which you look for and that are organized by your journeys. You never come upon specific spots, but upon places that recognize you. On every meeting deterritorialisation occurs. […] It is an asceticism that has no point other than presence and loss, the dreamy dimension of being among the forests, among the snow, among the wolves, among the fallen night, among things, among people. It is I think the epic dimension of living that is shown on pictures, facing the text, the secret of our stories, of our mythologies.

Extracts from the book Estonia, with text by Carl Havelange and photos by Alexandre Christiaens.