Déserts de mers, Montagnes d’eaux – Exhibition at Galerie Flux

Exhibition at the Flux Gallery from 18 February to 19 March 2022. Curated by Pierre-Yves Desaive.

Opening on Friday 18 February from 18:00
Expo Galerie Flux
60 rue Paradis, 4000 Liège

His new images show that the aim of Alexandre Christiaens is not so much to capture landscapes as to reveal their quintessence: beyond a telescoping between land and sea, the issue is more at the level of the meeting between two elements, mineral on the one hand, aquatic on the other. The superimpositions are subtle and sometimes the eye hesitates: are these waves of sand or water? The exhibition at Espace Flux includes unmodified images, which allow us to understand how Alexandre Christiaens perceives the similarity of movements on the surface of a desert or on that of the Pacific. »
Pierre-Yves Desaive