Exhibition Today and Forever, the collection of the gallery Le Bleu du Ciel

In February-March 2020 Bleu du ciel presented its 20th anniversary exhibition of contemporary photography, with the release of the eponymous book La région humaine. The event having been somewhat stifled by the Covid crisis, it is now repeating itself by presenting another aspect of its journey with the presentation of its collection: Today and Forever.

Thirty photographers from nine countries will illustrate the particular panorama of this commemorative exhibition, without having been chosen as artistic curators. The works exhibited are the result of the participation of these photographers in the Bleu du ciel and the “Lyon septembre de la photographie” festival – now the “9 PH” festival. Most of them have never been shown before, coming from a private collection, the others are from the “US Today” series of 2010 (at the IUFM hors les murs) and from various monographic exhibitions.

Exhibition from 3 June to 17 September 2022
Curator: Gilles Verneret
le bleu du ciel
12 rue des Fantasques (coin rue Adamoli), 69001 Lyon

More information on lebleuduciel.net/exposition-collection-ete-2022/